National Security or Human Rights: A Paradox

“Intense Clashes Erupt in Downtown Srinagar” reads one of the headlines of the newspaper. There has been a long-standing rivalry between human right activists and the state, not only in India but around the globe. Recently Indian Army presented the award to Major Leetul Gogoi, for showing courage in counter-insurgency ops. CoAS presented him with the Commendation Card. The other side of the story is different altogether. Civilians in the region say that Major Gogoi picked up this man while he was coming back after voting in the elections and the officers firstly beat him and then tied him to the bonnet of the jeep and used him as a human shield.

I feel this might be the right time to address such issues. But before moving on I would like to tell you all, that there might be some conclusions with which you might not agree. Also, being a naive writer I don’t want this text to be taken authoritatively rather it is just an opinion based article.

Moving on further, as we examine the aforementioned title we find ourselves in a very uneasy situation. As we know that the national security is necessary to protect human rights and to protect human rights of a certain group or for national security, it is inevitable that the forces that are deployed for their task have to violate human rights of certain groups or sect. The same kind of incident happened when Major Gogoi used one Kashmiri as a human shield to save the election party and his team from the stone pelters in the region.

Human right observers and organizations put forward a view which says that the Founding Fathers understood the temptation on the part of governments to give and remove human rights arbitrarily because they had experienced such things before during the era of colonization. They further recognized that although British Common Law customarily acknowledged various human rights, it was essential to name, codify, and write them down to make it less likely that they could be taken away. Hence they have been codified under Part III of our Constitution and are termed as fundamental rights.

Moreover, human rights are profoundly local they reside in individuals. According to humans rights theory, if someone is human, he or she has the same rights as every other human. The codification of human rights and the widespread acknowledgment of this is one of the things that makes the modern world modern. To roll back human rights, even for some individuals, is to return to a more primitive, hierarchical, and is not permitted under the theory of human relations.While in our case especially in India this idea is a bit controversial, when we see this in contrast to other countries.As to point out a few examples I would certainly like to quote communal violence, lynching, sexual harrassment, rapes etc. happening across the country even after having multiple statues governing the issues.

Per contra, when we talk about national security, it is rather a vague idea or how state perceives it to be as a term having broadest ambit. And as a young republic, we have seen governments fiddling with our rights. The two words which empower and gives the power to do so are 1) Public Interest 2) Reasonable Restrictions. Now when we move forward to elaborate on these two words we see that there is no straight jacket formula to understand the meaning or the mandate of these two important phrases. We have seen during the Indira Gandhi’s reign that during emergency all of our rights were curtailed.

Furthermore, In absence of any straight jacket definition of this not so realistic concept (as claimed by people who favor the other side) state along with the forces has been exploiting the loopholes since inception. Though as far as sovereignty is concerned, it is of utmost importance to the nation state and to protect the sovereignty the state has to take stern measures to protect itself. Now many will say that sovereignty in itself is an archaic concept developed by a particular group. But when we see and talk about the pillars upon which concept of sovereignty stands we find one of the pillars to be the social contract theory. Now social contract theory is further driven by masses, not by minorities and thus we need to protect the interest of the masses.

As mentioned earlier some incidents are inevitable so are the biases. Now when we look at this issue from a neutral point of view it can be said that while protecting the masses there are chances that a bit of harm may be caused to minorities. Now I will move your attention towards the rule of bias, which is a part of well-settled principle i.e. Principle of Natural Justice. Rule of Bias, when talked, has an exception of a necessary bias which comes to play when any sort of proceeding takes place against the army officers who are accused of such human right violation and it will remain there as long as the system is working and nothing can be done to it.  Furthermore, we also need to see the ground realities which the forces are facing while protecting the sovereignty of the nation, the unwelcoming attitude of the locals and other circumstances governing their behavior.

Army in any situation is the last resort for any situation and it is the bitter truth that once you are calling in the last card of the deck, It means one is really desperate to get out of the situation and when this kind of desperation is there I believe, everything seems to be legit. It is also an established fact that casualties will be there during the war and be crying foul about it is no bravery. So well in the end after thinking about it, in my personal opinion, to protect human rights you need to first have a tight security and to maintain that security some people have to make the sacrifice and the cycle goes on so both are interdependent on one and other and can’t sustain independently .

F.R.I.E.N.D.S without Friends

This post was long due from my end. I have been thinking too much about such things in recent past. Since I am a loner (not trying to gain sympathies at all) and all I do in my free time is binge watching and munching popcorn with coke (cola is what I mean), I find it rather interesting to discuss this issue before it gets serious.

We all know the world presents us with many utopian concepts through movies, T.V serials/series, Novels and other means as well. Which also goes on to impact our mindset as kids, teenagers, and adults. It changes the way we perceive this world to be and creates a mess for us as for the fact we all know nothing, in reality, is similar to the thing which has been portrayed to us but there is something in that portrayal which makes us all addicts. We become addicts of that kind of life, that peculiar mindset starts to develop inside of us and when things do not go that way in which we think it should go we start to panic.

Now you all are aware of what premises this post revolves around. So, I should begin coming to the point instead of making this, one boring post. I grew up watching many TV shows, reading chick lit and fiction. Though I am not a big movie buff, I still watched a few movies. Now as I am growing up and moving on towards the adult part of my life, I find my opinions are shaped largely by media and their way of portraying this society. I try to find that kind of love which we all read about in books, I try to find friends and make friendships like the ones we see in T.V serials but I failed in all of it rather miserably and the only point where I was successful was my relationship with my parents (which started decaying because of the influence of things which I chose like novels and serials).

I became a rebel (atleast this is what I think), as I started to ignore my parents and rather opposing them because media portrayed it in such a manner. I saw how a guy enjoys more with his friends even after having grudges with his parents and finds love of his life, both of them go through a lot of trouble and finally they end up being successful  in their conquest and then the screen blackouts with ‘Happy Ending’ written all over it in caps, bolded and in stylish fonts. I started to search for a life where I have friends and a lover. I started to imagine my life like a story or rather like a work of fiction but, I wasn’t ready to understand or maybe I wasn’t that much mature to understand the difference between reel and real and boom! My life becomes like a fictional story all of a sudden I start to become that Ideal rebel boy, I start dating a girl and what not. We start to face problems together, we make out and have that kind of spark in our relationship, about which I thought will never end but I forgot one thing that 300 odd pages of a book or 300 minutes of any TV serial can’t depict the real time 365×24 life of ours as it is very difficult to portray and then all of a sudden I found myself in midst of nowhere. Totally cut from my parents, no friends or girlfriend either. I suddenly had no one to share myself with and I became loner.

I won’t blame anyone else but myself for all of it, as I pushed people away because I was too much into fiction and I believed everything will be happy go lucky once this phase is over and everything was nothing but a sweet lie that I have been telling myself all along. Until everything went haywire and I changed my choice of literature and media that I watched and read. Now after all this romantic phase I shifted to a rather dark genre of works published and with the change of genre my way of seeing things changed. I rather opted to sit alone in darkness and harm myself, did every damned thing one can imagine and ended up making my whole life miserable and took myself to a point of no return. I became a stubborn character and started to behave stupidly as the only reason I can give for anything that I wanted to do was “Because I want to do”. That’s very much it.

Now all of this caused a shadow over my rational mind and I became what you know today as a weird person. The one, with whom no one will like to go and watch a movie or share things. Instead of sharing gossips I was the gossip. Trust me guys, I pretended that I don’t care but somewhere a part of me did care about all of it. While people were having time of their lives with their friends, I was sitting in a room with lights off, binge watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S without having any in real life.

Well sounds sad right? Yes, it certainly is. And it is not just me it is the story of every third teenager these days. I don’t have problems with the media or any content in public domain as such but where are we going with this? Maybe nowhere! Why aren’t we publishing and showing what truth is, why are we telling things which do not have any logic or base? Why are we erring people with our imagination? Why are we giving them hopes of impossible events? Why do we tell them that there is a happy ending when there is none?

There has to be a limit of everything even imagination, it can’t be endless as if it is endless then it has potential to ruin the lives of people and half of the generation is already affected by this. People are living in their own utopian world and are unaware of ground realities which are more relevant in this realm of life, In my opinion, it’s high time friends when we should start to reconsider our choices and decide between F.R.I.E.N.D.S with Friends  or F.R.I.E.N.D.S without Friends !


The Claptrap Politics

A huge chunk of Indian politicians can easily be proved of leading the drove of misogynists in India. From dismissing rape as a crime to stating that women who get raped be hanged, Indian politicians have been giving us the creeps almost on a daily basis.

However, former Uttar Pradesh chief minister and Former Samajwadi Party chief Mulayam Singh Yadav happens to have a special talent for digging out the most oafish and loathsome comments about female population. He deserves to be the poster boy of misogyny in India.

This all started with a remark he gave while opposing capital punishment for rape during his election rally during national elections 2014, he had sparked outrage by saying “ladke, ladke hain…galti ho jati hai (boys will be boys…they commit mistakes).” In other words it can be said that what he was trying to say is kind of similar to a famous line i.e. “Men will be Men”.

Well , this was not the first time when he has given such outrageous remarks in open . His other remarks include his statements on the character of the future female parliamentarians and on the looks of rural women which he again spoke in the rally at a village in UP on the backdrop of passing of Women’s Reservation Bill, 2010 in the parliament. Coming back to the initial statement the exact translation from Hindi to English of what he blabbered out is “At first girl develop friendship with boys. They when differences occur, level rape charges. Boys commit mistakes. Will they be hanged for rape.”

He never did clarify or gave the logic behind his statements but one of the many interpretations say that while Speaking on the law and order situation in the state, Yadav made such remarks and the background of that remark was considering UP’s population, the crime rate was “very low”. The then Samajwadi Party supremo wanted to say that there were certain instances where only one or no one commits rape but the victim names four-five people merely to “settle scores” or because of any kind of “rivalry”.

It can also be implied that all he wanted to say was that innocent people must not be falsely implicated, accused and harassed. He further cited cases, where a victim has accused four brothers of raping her. It is not practical,” he said. Further to emphasize on his his point, he further cited the alleged rape and murder case of two cousin sisters in Badaun arguing that it was “blown out of proportion”.

He further added that “The CBI probed the case and found out that rape was not committed at all. They were cold-blooded murders by the victim’s cousins for property. But even senior leaders like Congress President Sonia Gandhi’s son Rahul rushed to Badaun and attacked the state government on the law and order front.”

Though by this interpretation we can sense that whatever he was stating , was to protect the then UP government and to defend the dispensation on the point of Law and order situation in the state and same kind of the statement rather more sarcastic one was also given by the then UP chief minister and the son of the SP supremo Akhilesh Yadav when he was questioned by a media reporter on the topic of women safety to which his reply was “It’s not as if you faced any danger?”

Now the public outrage was inevitable as half of them followed the lead of some or another public figure and a part of them did not took, Yadavs’ intention and background of the speech in consideration. Immediately as media published his statement twitter users got active and did what they are best at i.e. condemning and writing the comments to humiliate this senior politician.

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) , the main player of the general elections of 2014 , flayed Mulayam for his “insensitive and shameful” statement. Vijay Bahadur Pathak, state spokesperson of the BJP, stated that the former UP chief minister’s comments were unacceptable and very sad “Such a statement is a gross insult to the fair sex and will ultimately lead to anarchy. It also raises question mark over decisions given by the courts in gangrape cases,” Pathak said. He alleged that it was an outburst of a leader, whose own party government, was “failing” to control law and order situation in the state. “You can imagine the situation of a state where workers of the ruling party are acting like goons and rouges,” he charged.. Whereas spokesperson of Indian National Congress Shobha Oza told reporters in Delhi that “It is unfortunate that any leader makes such a statement regarding a crime like rape. Such statements encourage persons involved in such crimes,”

On other hand veteran lawyer and BJP leader Subramanian Swamy smacked Yadav for playing “minority politics” in the backdrop of recent Muzaffarnagar riots in which many women were allegedly raped. “Mulayam Singh Yadav must have thought of playing minority politics in Nirbhaya case also,” he said.

Social activist Kiran Bedi also issued statement that “These statements call for total boycott of such a political leader. People should be asked to vote out such people completely. This statement is against the society and it is spreading lawlessness.”

Former Chairman of National Commission for Women Poornima Advani also came forward and said that, “Public apology is the least. And The Election Commission should take up this matter. This is a negative and useless election stunt, which will hit him hard. And, I am sure he will be voted out.”

Well, if seen in full context all he wanted to say was to protect the innocent and media might have portrayed it in a wrong send and as we Indians are best known for our reactions so maybe someday we might as well react to such politics and uninstall this kind of politics from the nation as we did with Snapchat and Snapdeal .



The Unacceptable Kid

Do you remember when you were a kid how everyone used to pull your cheeks and say “Awwww how cute 🙂 he/she is” or how everyone used to play with you like you are nothing more than a living stuffed teddy bear for them. And when this cute Girl/ Boy grows up and reaches a particular age ,  same people refuse to even identify them ! She/He is no more ‘lovely’ or ‘cute’ rather they will be called as ‘charcoal’ , ‘Fat ass’ or ‘Elephant’  and what not (list isn’t exhaustive)  .

Do you ever imagine why same people change and start to give you cautions and politely ask you to mind your business (because they can’t say fuck off at this point of time). You will find in every class of every school , a fat kid sitting in one corner and one not so fair girl will be sitting in other . Trust me this is just beginning . Now these kids grow up a bit more and step into adolescence and voila nothing changes . They still don’t have friends (usually) and now they will get treated more rudely . Well now  we have two cases

a) If that kid is good with studies and other co-curricular activities .

b) If that kid is neither good in studies nor in co-curricular activities .

Well in first case you will find that kid will be surrounded by some mean people representing them as his/her friends and in second case the situation worsens , as to be honest no one gives a double thought if that kid exists or not .

well till this time a kid experiences a lot of things like

  1. Feeling of Love/ Discovering their sexuality: Mostly while growing up they start to develop attraction towards a person of opposite gender or same gender (in certain cases) . Now as because varied no. of reasons that kid is afraid to admit the feeling as they are afraid of getting rejected by the one they love, by their parents and if the case is about sexuality then at times even by society  e.g.  if a fat kid walks upto a good looking girl and tells her that he loves her the reply in most cases will be “go and see yourself in the mirror ! Look at yourself first!” or if that kid dares to tell his or her parents that he isn’t straight then their reactions (specially in conservative societies like India) so he keeps mum and doesn’t speaks a word about his feelings .
  2. After 10th Class : Well in certain societies because of peers or parents decide the career for that kid . In India the famous lines are “look at Sharma ji’s / Verma ji’s Son” ! well “why should I look at him is my first question! i have my life Sharma Uncle isn’t my father and neither I am his son” these lines that kid screams inside his head now as there are no friends to talk to and no body to go to he can’t discuss all these and keeps mum again and doesn’t speaks a word about it again. And goes to Kota for preparing for IIT’s or AIIMS’s as because “Sharma ji ka beta is there in one of the reputed coaching classes.”
  3. In and After 12th Class (Last year of school) : Now that kid is managing his coaching , school , family and feelings simultaneously . Now as they say “95% is minimum we expect from you after spending so much on you” . And I would like to remind you till this point of time he has no friends , has been bullied and never told this to anyone , sexually and verbally assaulted by many , has spent 2 years in places like KOTA (it’s a freaking jail instead of sending your kids to that city send them to correction homes they are still better.) , was under peer pressure and parents were like the cherry on cake . He has been body shamed , called by many names like slut , whore or prostitute but never replied to any person and kept mum . Parents taunted that kid for not bringing same or equivalent marks to Sharma ji ka beta or beti and then did not talk to their kid.
  4. After results : Well now again 2 cases , either that kid qualifies or that kid will fail in his first attempt to qualify for good college. if the former happens at least, parents remain satisfied with their kid. but if he will not qualify in first attempt it breaks him to the core but he will still keep mum and wont utter a word as he is afraid that his parents will tag that as an excuse and it will further break him.

Now amid all this that kid is now an adult , highly unsatisfied with his life , he feels like a failure , he stops socialising and cuts out people from his life . He stops to trust people and the society and develops disrespect for even his own parents. But he is still silent.

The problem is his silence . That kid is frustrated and will still keep smiling and hiding those scars of self harm which he inflicted on himself . And this is very dangerous for that grown up kid. He will change and change a lot , he will change mentally, physically  and emotionally . Now as he will change and it is very much foreseeable that he will not be of sane mind or rational thinking after going through this much in his life until now. Which makes that kid vulnerable to all sorts of wrong influence in this world. He can even turn into a terrorist and can be used against this society very easily or he will might lose his will power to live and will commit suicide and end his life as he wasn’t able to take more of it from this very society.

Well you must be thinking why am I telling you all this , well the season of suicide is near now , result of many competitions will be out soon and you will see this news on a very daily basis in the papers and knowingly or unknowingly if you are parent you will say something or other which might be nothing but start of all this for your kid or if you are a kid you will think of doing something like this .

I would like to tell to the society that – YES I DO KNOW THAT I AM OVERWEIGHT or I AM PHYSICALLY/MENTALLY/EMOTIONALLY DISABLED or I AM NOT BEAUTIFUL OR INTELLIGENT AS YOU ARE but I never chose this for me. All this happened to me and it might happen with you too someday , as there’s always scope for something better . If you think you are good at something , out there somewhere there is a better person than you which exists so stop being proud of who you are.

It’s high time that we as society should address this problem while we discuss so called larger issues like gender inequality or LGBTQ+ rights. It all starts from birth and then piles up. We live in a society where no one bothers about things such as mental wellness and if someone comes forward we give them names which are highly derogatory in nature and we start to boycott them or make fun of such people. We talk about society which is anti discrimination and stands for equality but lately we are acting as hypocrites. We see the mistakes of others but not  which we commit . Ghalib rightly said “Umra bhar Ghalib yahi Bhool Karta raha, Dhool Chehre pe thi, aur Aina saaf karta raha” (I used to clean the mirror but i never noticed my own dirty face ) . Well lately people are getting aware of such issues but there are a lot of people living in very conservative societies like ours who still consider these issues as taboo and hence are needed to be educated properly or otherwise we will end up losing a lot of kids who will succumb to the pressure and will give up in absence of support from us. So don’t taunt them or tease them for a momentarily fun or joy that you derive from it . you don’t know what that kid is facing right ?  The only request is if you can’t help him don’t make situation worse please .

Furthermore , Parents should also understand that they are the life guards for their kids and kids look upto them for anything and get inspired from their acts. Stop being negligent towards the feelings of your kids. Talk to them and befriend them. Teach them what is wrong and what is right by not beating them after they commit a mistake but by talking to them. Stop abusing them as it lasts an imprint on their mind which might last forever and will effect the upcoming generations too. And trust me you wont be able to repay once this happen because this is something irreparable after a certain stage. I am not saying that give your kids freedom for everything , no it will definitely lead them to wrong path. Be strict but you should draw a line and try not over step it as there is very thin line difference between what is called as telling something and imposing something . Let them choose whatever they want to do ! let them decide their career it will be the first step and they will learn to stand on their own legs and yes , now I also know the counter argument of your generation “But not in every field they will have a sure shot chances of being successful”. Well yes I agree to this proposition of yours  but whats the fun in life without risk and a little bit of adventure .

Now, I just want to tell those kids that I know it’s easy said then done , but you at any point of time in your life should not think of killing yourself , you should rather take all of this in a positive manner and challenge yourself to prove others wrong . Try hard ! yes i agree losing or winning are two sides of a coin and definitely there is a 50% chance of you failing at first instance but that doesn’t means , you should stop trying or working hard for it. Never lose hope my dear friend you will find your way out of your issues someday if not immediately but you sure will someday. Also, you should not keep these things to yourself rather you should talk it out all in open . Talk to people whom you think will understand you and if its not possible you can always mail me or call me 🙂 (Post a comment and i will try to contact you myself 🙂 ) . If not others then I will listen to you and trust me you will feel relaxed after that as the silence and tolerating all this will keep on building pressure and all of us can collapse because of that and the difference being different levels of pressure that we can tolerate.

Striking Society

In the light of recent events happening across India,  I am writing this post . First of all I am very shocked to see the comments on a Facebook post which was shared with me by a friend of mine. The post left me to wonder the fact that how mean  we are as an species (ironically we are the only species with a rational mind of our own). Those hate speeches left me wondering that , is that what we give in return to the people who decide to stay in this country to serve the people and society here .

Well recently Indian Courts took a jibe at  recent incidents where in Maharashtra , Gujrat and in other states the resident doctors with other staff members went on strike to protest and their demand being A SAFER WORKPLACE . Yes you read it right, a safe workplace is all they seek. Thus our courts told them to shut up and call off their strikes and go back to work otherwise they will be fired from their  job . 

The court also said “If you (doctors) do not want to work, then resign. You are not factory workers who resort to such protests. Shame on you. How can doctors behave in such a manner?” 

Yes ! How dare you go on a strike? You are on a government payroll or internship . You are serving the society and it’s mandatory for you to do so for atleast 1 year . We do not care if you study for 15 years or 20 years to perfect the skill. You are not human so you can not go on strike. You are god who saves human life. How dare you demand a safer workplace in a place like India where we are busy providing safety to over 500,000 VIP’s and VVIP’s and Separatists too . Because for us BABA’s and BHAI are more important than you theybring crores for us ! What do you do except writing prescriptions for fever and flu?

Well before I go on I should tell the reason behind the strike. So what happend was recently an accident victim, with a serious head injury was brought to Dhule District Civil Hopital. After the primary treatment he was examined by an orthopaedic surgeon namely Dr. Rohan. He after doing his investigation told the family members of the victim that he is critical and needs attention of a neurosurgeon and thus he should be shifted in bigger and better facility . 

So, the members instead of taking the victim to another place started to beat Dr. Rohan because he told them the truth , that too well in time . The recovered footage shows that he was also hit by a cot (bed) resulting in major skull fractures due to which his medical career is over . Next 7 days we got the news of similar attacks on doctors all over the Maharashtra state. 

Well , now as we all know what triggered this strike . Let’s see what govt. does for the doctors like Dr. Rohan.

  1. Less Salary
  2. Messed Up working hours
  3. Hardly any time for recreation (less leaves)
  4. Next to zero infrastructure and staff in remote and tier 2 or 3 cities.

Now if in these circumstances they are asking for atleast a hike in pay and safer workplace , what is wrong in it? Okay I get it that it is one of the essential services and is covered under a piece of legislation but that doesn’t mean that they are less human than rest of us. Common , this is the same judiciary which turns a blind eye when Jats and Gujjars go on to protest for reservations and they end up setting buses and cars on fire , or when they interrupt the railways or road transport system. General public gets affected then too ! But this judiciary won’t utter a single word then . Why? Is it because then it’s political matter and parties have to do vote bank politics and here what our doctors are asking for is a legitimate claim .

Well in my opinion we have made GOD of every one who knows something or other , that’s why we have around 33 million God’s in hindu religion itself , in sports it is Sachin Tendulkar and In law we have Mr. Nariman, Mr. Sibbal, Mr. Jethmalani etc. , in politics we have our P.M.

 And then we have Doctors who work 24/7/365 for us , to save us. Yes we do treat them as factory workers. Lets consider the state as a big factory having several line of products in market like education, services, businesses , healthcare etc. And we are working for ourselves as well as to benefit the nation  as a whole. Because whatever we earn or do will contribute to national development (like profits to a comapany) . And the 3 branches i.e. judiciary , executive and legislations and people working there must be considered to be in managerial positions as they are managing the nation. If I  keep it this way we all are factory workers indeed in someway or another.

Why don’t we see people beating corrupt politicians on roads rather we elect them and send them to represent us inside the temple of democracy called as parliament . If they don’t work they still get salary and even if they remain M.P. or MLA for even 1 day they are entitled for pension. They go to attend sessions on their own whims and fancies . Why don’t we show anger then? 

It’s high time now to think on issues like this before we discuss brain drain and related issues. We don’t need Einstein or think tanks to tell us the reasons for it , it’s pretty much evident , isn’t it? 

As I want to give rest to my brain now , I will now try to conclude here. Well the doctors did not do anything  wrong as they just asked for what is rightfully theirs . The funny fact being the relatives of the victim instead of taking him to another hospital chose to beat the one person who tried to save his life. We need to understand that doctors are also humans and to err is to human . They try their best to save the patient but not everyone is same . Yes we all are biologically different and thus sometimes medicines won’t affect us in a certain manner and hence the risk factor remains. 

Constitution grants us right to raise our voice for our concerns against the state and these 4000 plus doctors were doing the same . To hold their salary of 6 months or to force them to resign is nothing but suppressing and oppressing their voice . Which if seen as a whole means oppressing and supressing the democracy itself. State is meant for the welfare of the society and not to suppress the voice of the people and thus it should not do the same else it will not take time for the democracy to change into Anarchy where there exists no Order but only Chaos.

My favorite letter 

Dear Sailors,

You all have been my favorite bunch of sailors on this ship since I took command of it . I know you all are sad as i am no longer the captain of this ship and hence I will not be here anymore to help you out and the other sailors during situations. Well it’s high time that you all should understand that you need to sail longer and higher than what I ever did. And one day will come when you’ll  need to take command of this ship  and it’s my duty to inform you as your senior and friend that it’s really a big ship just like a battle ship and a destroyer combined. I am telling you right now that you will feel scared while taking the charge of this ship for the first time and you will make mistakes and then only you will learn how to drive and control this beauty or beast (depending on how you control it, and for what purpose you do so) . But I am sure of one thing i.e. it will take time for you to understand the nuances of navigation in this vast blue ocean. You just need to be careful that the control of this ship present on the deck should not go into wrong hands or the ship at any cost shouldn’t be compromised during a war. If it sinks let it hit the rock bottom and then it will rise again but just for the sake of safety don’t  let others drive it for you and mislead it into the traps of the not so friendly creatures or the enemies as we like to call them. My work here is nearing to completion as I was here to groom you all and now as you all are ready to take this ship under your control and will float in those high seas for your missions every now and then you will for sure face some problems ; natural and man made but never back down from challenges. You will see many Captains , they will come and go but you are here to stay and thus you need to make a statement and make it clear that you will never back out  from any and every obstacle which comes in your way because the sea is full of surprises and trust me it’s never biased. So go out there , Rise and Shine. And like the sun during the days and moon during the nights and like stars during the moonless nights you can find me around you, I will be there looking after you all .You just need to look in the right direction and you will find a way for sure.


Let’s Begin

Hello guys and girls ,

As you might be wondering which random blog you are reading right now ? So question arises who am I… I am a writer , poet , reader, debater,  satanist, atheist, traveller, occult and supernatural lover, a good listener and foodie to mention a few. I am Shashank Shekhar Pandey. Currently I am pursuing my BBA LL.B from Symbiosis International University , Pune.I belong to a small district in Madhya Pradesh , India called as Rewa (city of White Tigers)  and as of now I am living in NOIDA. So it all started on 14th October 1996 when I was born. Since then I have been subjected to a lot in my life till now. A lot in the sense too much of traveling , good food, good and versatile literature and a quality education (anyway what were you thinking).

 People say that everyone has some or another kind of talent and no one is worthless…. So here I am trying to explore myself and without critique no one can improve. So kindly read and don’t hesitate to tell me wherever I go wrong. Waiting for your responses………

Yours Truly

Shashank Shekhar Pandey