Recent developments across the globe and specifically in India are pointing towards an alarming situation. And the accused in this case is the freedom of free speech and expression. On 12th  January 2018, 4 senior judges of the apex court in India went on to hold a press conference and alleged that Chief Justice of […]

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F.R.I.E.N.D.S without Friends

This post was long due from my end. I have been thinking too much about such things in recent past. Since I am a loner (not trying to gain sympathies at all) and all I do in my free time is binge watching and munching popcorn with coke (cola is what I mean), I find […]

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The Claptrap Politics

A huge chunk of Indian politicians can easily be proved of leading the drove of misogynists in India. From dismissing rape as a crime to stating that women who get raped be hanged, Indian politicians have been giving us the creeps almost on a daily basis. However, former Uttar Pradesh chief minister and Former Samajwadi […]

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The Unacceptable Kid

Do you remember when you were a kid how everyone used to pull your cheeks and say “Awwww how cute 🙂 he/she is” or how everyone used to play with you like you are nothing more than a living stuffed teddy bear for them. And when this cute Girl/ Boy grows up and reaches a […]

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