The Claptrap Politics

A huge chunk of Indian politicians can easily be proved of leading the drove of misogynists in India. From dismissing rape as a crime to stating that women who get raped be hanged, Indian politicians have been giving us the creeps almost on a daily basis.

However, former Uttar Pradesh chief minister and Former Samajwadi Party chief Mulayam Singh Yadav happens to have a special talent for digging out the most oafish and loathsome comments about female population. He deserves to be the poster boy of misogyny in India.

This all started with a remark he gave while opposing capital punishment for rape during his election rally during national elections 2014, he had sparked outrage by saying “ladke, ladke hain…galti ho jati hai (boys will be boys…they commit mistakes).” In other words it can be said that what he was trying to say is kind of similar to a famous line i.e. “Men will be Men”.

Well , this was not the first time when he has given such outrageous remarks in open . His other remarks include his statements on the character of the future female parliamentarians and on the looks of rural women which he again spoke in the rally at a village in UP on the backdrop of passing of Women’s Reservation Bill, 2010 in the parliament. Coming back to the initial statement the exact translation from Hindi to English of what he blabbered out is “At first girl develop friendship with boys. They when differences occur, level rape charges. Boys commit mistakes. Will they be hanged for rape.”

He never did clarify or gave the logic behind his statements but one of the many interpretations say that while Speaking on the law and order situation in the state, Yadav made such remarks and the background of that remark was considering UP’s population, the crime rate was “very low”. The then Samajwadi Party supremo wanted to say that there were certain instances where only one or no one commits rape but the victim names four-five people merely to “settle scores” or because of any kind of “rivalry”.

It can also be implied that all he wanted to say was that innocent people must not be falsely implicated, accused and harassed. He further cited cases, where a victim has accused four brothers of raping her. It is not practical,” he said. Further to emphasize on his his point, he further cited the alleged rape and murder case of two cousin sisters in Badaun arguing that it was “blown out of proportion”.

He further added that “The CBI probed the case and found out that rape was not committed at all. They were cold-blooded murders by the victim’s cousins for property. But even senior leaders like Congress President Sonia Gandhi’s son Rahul rushed to Badaun and attacked the state government on the law and order front.”

Though by this interpretation we can sense that whatever he was stating , was to protect the then UP government and to defend the dispensation on the point of Law and order situation in the state and same kind of the statement rather more sarcastic one was also given by the then UP chief minister and the son of the SP supremo Akhilesh Yadav when he was questioned by a media reporter on the topic of women safety to which his reply was “It’s not as if you faced any danger?”

Now the public outrage was inevitable as half of them followed the lead of some or another public figure and a part of them did not took, Yadavs’ intention and background of the speech in consideration. Immediately as media published his statement twitter users got active and did what they are best at i.e. condemning and writing the comments to humiliate this senior politician.

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) , the main player of the general elections of 2014 , flayed Mulayam for his “insensitive and shameful” statement. Vijay Bahadur Pathak, state spokesperson of the BJP, stated that the former UP chief minister’s comments were unacceptable and very sad “Such a statement is a gross insult to the fair sex and will ultimately lead to anarchy. It also raises question mark over decisions given by the courts in gangrape cases,” Pathak said. He alleged that it was an outburst of a leader, whose own party government, was “failing” to control law and order situation in the state. “You can imagine the situation of a state where workers of the ruling party are acting like goons and rouges,” he charged.. Whereas spokesperson of Indian National Congress Shobha Oza told reporters in Delhi that “It is unfortunate that any leader makes such a statement regarding a crime like rape. Such statements encourage persons involved in such crimes,”

On other hand veteran lawyer and BJP leader Subramanian Swamy smacked Yadav for playing “minority politics” in the backdrop of recent Muzaffarnagar riots in which many women were allegedly raped. “Mulayam Singh Yadav must have thought of playing minority politics in Nirbhaya case also,” he said.

Social activist Kiran Bedi also issued statement that “These statements call for total boycott of such a political leader. People should be asked to vote out such people completely. This statement is against the society and it is spreading lawlessness.”

Former Chairman of National Commission for Women Poornima Advani also came forward and said that, “Public apology is the least. And The Election Commission should take up this matter. This is a negative and useless election stunt, which will hit him hard. And, I am sure he will be voted out.”

Well, if seen in full context all he wanted to say was to protect the innocent and media might have portrayed it in a wrong send and as we Indians are best known for our reactions so maybe someday we might as well react to such politics and uninstall this kind of politics from the nation as we did with Snapchat and Snapdeal .




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