F.R.I.E.N.D.S without Friends

This post was long due from my end. I have been thinking too much about such things in recent past. Since I am a loner (not trying to gain sympathies at all) and all I do in my free time is binge watching and munching popcorn with coke (cola is what I mean), I find it rather interesting to discuss this issue before it gets serious.

We all know the world presents us with many utopian concepts through movies, T.V serials/series, Novels and other means as well. Which also goes on to impact our mindset as kids, teenagers, and adults. It changes the way we perceive this world to be and creates a mess for us as for the fact we all know nothing, in reality, is similar to the thing which has been portrayed to us but there is something in that portrayal which makes us all addicts. We become addicts of that kind of life, that peculiar mindset starts to develop inside of us and when things do not go that way in which we think it should go we start to panic.

Now you all are aware of what premises this post revolves around. So, I should begin coming to the point instead of making this, one boring post. I grew up watching many TV shows, reading chick lit and fiction. Though I am not a big movie buff, I still watched a few movies. Now as I am growing up and moving on towards the adult part of my life, I find my opinions are shaped largely by media and their way of portraying this society. I try to find that kind of love which we all read about in books, I try to find friends and make friendships like the ones we see in T.V serials but I failed in all of it rather miserably and the only point where I was successful was my relationship with my parents (which started decaying because of the influence of things which I chose like novels and serials).

I became a rebel (atleast this is what I think), as I started to ignore my parents and rather opposing them because media portrayed it in such a manner. I saw how a guy enjoys more with his friends even after having grudges with his parents and finds love of his life, both of them go through a lot of trouble and finally they end up being successful  in their conquest and then the screen blackouts with ‘Happy Ending’ written all over it in caps, bolded and in stylish fonts. I started to search for a life where I have friends and a lover. I started to imagine my life like a story or rather like a work of fiction but, I wasn’t ready to understand or maybe I wasn’t that much mature to understand the difference between reel and real and boom! My life becomes like a fictional story all of a sudden I start to become that Ideal rebel boy, I start dating a girl and what not. We start to face problems together, we make out and have that kind of spark in our relationship, about which I thought will never end but I forgot one thing that 300 odd pages of a book or 300 minutes of any TV serial can’t depict the real time 365×24 life of ours as it is very difficult to portray and then all of a sudden I found myself in midst of nowhere. Totally cut from my parents, no friends or girlfriend either. I suddenly had no one to share myself with and I became loner.

I won’t blame anyone else but myself for all of it, as I pushed people away because I was too much into fiction and I believed everything will be happy go lucky once this phase is over and everything was nothing but a sweet lie that I have been telling myself all along. Until everything went haywire and I changed my choice of literature and media that I watched and read. Now after all this romantic phase I shifted to a rather dark genre of works published and with the change of genre my way of seeing things changed. I rather opted to sit alone in darkness and harm myself, did every damned thing one can imagine and ended up making my whole life miserable and took myself to a point of no return. I became a stubborn character and started to behave stupidly as the only reason I can give for anything that I wanted to do was “Because I want to do”. That’s very much it.

Now all of this caused a shadow over my rational mind and I became what you know today as a weird person. The one, with whom no one will like to go and watch a movie or share things. Instead of sharing gossips I was the gossip. Trust me guys, I pretended that I don’t care but somewhere a part of me did care about all of it. While people were having time of their lives with their friends, I was sitting in a room with lights off, binge watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S without having any in real life.

Well sounds sad right? Yes, it certainly is. And it is not just me it is the story of every third teenager these days. I don’t have problems with the media or any content in public domain as such but where are we going with this? Maybe nowhere! Why aren’t we publishing and showing what truth is, why are we telling things which do not have any logic or base? Why are we erring people with our imagination? Why are we giving them hopes of impossible events? Why do we tell them that there is a happy ending when there is none?

There has to be a limit of everything even imagination, it can’t be endless as if it is endless then it has potential to ruin the lives of people and half of the generation is already affected by this. People are living in their own utopian world and are unaware of ground realities which are more relevant in this realm of life, In my opinion, it’s high time friends when we should start to reconsider our choices and decide between F.R.I.E.N.D.S with Friends  or F.R.I.E.N.D.S without Friends !



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