Striking Society

In the light of recent events happening across India,  I am writing this post . First of all I am very shocked to see the comments on a Facebook post which was shared with me by a friend of mine. The post left me to wonder the fact that how mean  we are as an species (ironically we are the only species with a rational mind of our own). Those hate speeches left me wondering that , is that what we give in return to the people who decide to stay in this country to serve the people and society here .

Well recently Indian Courts took a jibe at  recent incidents where in Maharashtra , Gujrat and in other states the resident doctors with other staff members went on strike to protest and their demand being A SAFER WORKPLACE . Yes you read it right, a safe workplace is all they seek. Thus our courts told them to shut up and call off their strikes and go back to work otherwise they will be fired from their  job .

The court also said “If you (doctors) do not want to work, then resign. You are not factory workers who resort to such protests. Shame on you. How can doctors behave in such a manner?” 

Yes ! How dare you go on a strike? You are on a government payroll or internship . You are serving the society and it’s mandatory for you to do so for atleast 1 year . We do not care if you study for 15 years or 20 years to perfect the skill. You are not human so you can not go on strike. You are god who saves human life. How dare you demand a safer workplace in a place like India where we are busy providing safety to over 500,000 VIP’s and VVIP’s and Separatists too . Because for us BABA’s and BHAI are more important than you theybring crores for us ! What do you do except writing prescriptions for fever and flu?

Well before I go on I should tell the reason behind the strike. So what happend was recently an accident victim, with a serious head injury was brought to Dhule District Civil Hopital. After the primary treatment he was examined by an orthopaedic surgeon namely Dr. Rohan. He after doing his investigation told the family members of the victim that he is critical and needs attention of a neurosurgeon and thus he should be shifted in bigger and better facility .

So, the members instead of taking the victim to another place started to beat Dr. Rohan because he told them the truth , that too well in time . The recovered footage shows that he was also hit by a cot (bed) resulting in major skull fractures due to which his medical career is over . Next 7 days we got the news of similar attacks on doctors all over the Maharashtra state.

Well , now as we all know what triggered this strike . Let’s see what govt. does for the doctors like Dr. Rohan.

  1. Less Salary
  2. Messed Up working hours
  3. Hardly any time for recreation (less leaves)
  4. Next to zero infrastructure and staff in remote and tier 2 or 3 cities.

Now if in these circumstances they are asking for atleast a hike in pay and safer workplace , what is wrong in it? Okay I get it that it is one of the essential services and is covered under a piece of legislation but that doesn’t mean that they are less human than rest of us. Common , this is the same judiciary which turns a blind eye when Jats and Gujjars go on to protest for reservations and they end up setting buses and cars on fire , or when they interrupt the railways or road transport system. General public gets affected then too ! But this judiciary won’t utter a single word then . Why? Is it because then it’s political matter and parties have to do vote bank politics and here what our doctors are asking for is a legitimate claim .

Well in my opinion we have made GOD of every one who knows something or other , that’s why we have around 33 million God’s in hindu religion itself , in sports it is Sachin Tendulkar and In law we have Mr. Nariman, Mr. Sibbal, Mr. Jethmalani etc. , in politics we have our P.M.

And then we have Doctors who work 24/7/365 for us , to save us. Yes we do treat them as factory workers. Lets consider the state as a big factory having several line of products in market like education, services, businesses , healthcare etc. And we are working for ourselves as well as to benefit the nation  as a whole. Because whatever we earn or do will contribute to national development (like profits to a comapany) . And the 3 branches i.e. judiciary , executive and legislations and people working there must be considered to be in managerial positions as they are managing the nation. If I  keep it this way we all are factory workers indeed in someway or another.

Why don’t we see people beating corrupt politicians on roads rather we elect them and send them to represent us inside the temple of democracy called as parliament . If they don’t work they still get salary and even if they remain M.P. or MLA for even 1 day they are entitled for pension. They go to attend sessions on their own whims and fancies . Why don’t we show anger then?

It’s high time now to think on issues like this before we discuss brain drain and related issues. We don’t need Einstein or think tanks to tell us the reasons for it , it’s pretty much evident , isn’t it?

As I want to give rest to my brain now , I will now try to conclude here. Well the doctors did not do anything  wrong as they just asked for what is rightfully theirs . The funny fact being the relatives of the victim instead of taking him to another hospital chose to beat the one person who tried to save his life. We need to understand that doctors are also humans and to err is to human . They try their best to save the patient but not everyone is same . Yes we all are biologically different and thus sometimes medicines won’t affect us in a certain manner and hence the risk factor remains.

Constitution grants us right to raise our voice for our concerns against the state and these 4000 plus doctors were doing the same . To hold their salary of 6 months or to force them to resign is nothing but suppressing and oppressing their voice . Which if seen as a whole means oppressing and supressing the democracy itself. State is meant for the welfare of the society and not to suppress the voice of the people and thus it should not do the same else it will not take time for the democracy to change into Anarchy where there exists no Order but only Chaos.


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