My favorite letter 

Dear Sailors,

You all have been my favorite bunch of sailors on this ship since I took command of it . I know you all are sad as i am no longer the captain of this ship and hence I will not be here anymore to help you out and the other sailors during situations. Well it’s high time that you all should understand that you need to sail longer and higher than what I ever did. And one day will come when you’ll  need to take command of this ship  and it’s my duty to inform you as your senior and friend that it’s really a big ship just like a battle ship and a destroyer combined. I am telling you right now that you will feel scared while taking the charge of this ship for the first time and you will make mistakes and then only you will learn how to drive and control this beauty or beast (depending on how you control it, and for what purpose you do so) . But I am sure of one thing i.e. it will take time for you to understand the nuances of navigation in this vast blue ocean. You just need to be careful that the control of this ship present on the deck should not go into wrong hands or the ship at any cost shouldn’t be compromised during a war. If it sinks let it hit the rock bottom and then it will rise again but just for the sake of safety don’t  let others drive it for you and mislead it into the traps of the not so friendly creatures or the enemies as we like to call them. My work here is nearing to completion as I was here to groom you all and now as you all are ready to take this ship under your control and will float in those high seas for your missions every now and then you will for sure face some problems ; natural and man made but never back down from challenges. You will see many Captains , they will come and go but you are here to stay and thus you need to make a statement and make it clear that you will never back out  from any and every obstacle which comes in your way because the sea is full of surprises and trust me it’s never biased. So go out there , Rise and Shine. And like the sun during the days and moon during the nights and like stars during the moonless nights you can find me around you, I will be there looking after you all .You just need to look in the right direction and you will find a way for sure.



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