Let’s Begin

Hello guys and girls ,

As you might be wondering which random blog you are reading right now ? So question arises who am I… I am a writer , poet , reader, debater,  satanist, atheist, traveller, occult and supernatural lover, a good listener and foodie to mention a few. I am Shashank Shekhar Pandey. Currently I am pursuing my BBA LL.B from Symbiosis International University , Pune.I belong to a small district in Madhya Pradesh , India called as Rewa (city of White Tigers)  and as of now I am living in NOIDA. So it all started on 14th October 1996 when I was born. Since then I have been subjected to a lot in my life till now. A lot in the sense too much of traveling , good food, good and versatile literature and a quality education (anyway what were you thinking).

 People say that everyone has some or another kind of talent and no one is worthless…. So here I am trying to explore myself and without critique no one can improve. So kindly read and don’t hesitate to tell me wherever I go wrong. Waiting for your responses………

Yours Truly

Shashank Shekhar Pandey



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